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Chicago’s TherArt Jewelry: Translating inner vision to outer reality

922444 10151611094893944 753952730 oThe amazing thing about jewelry is that it tells a story. Whether it is the engagement or wedding ring exalting the story of a couple in love; the charm bracelet heralding the significant milestones of a life well-lived; or the religious pendant which blesses, protects and inspires. The jewelry a woman wears also tells the story of what she is feeling on a particular day, or a particular moment. It defines the way she feels about herself, the story she wants people to know about her, or the image she wants to create. Jewelry allows her to create it and say it with but a moment’s notice.

Chicago jewelry designer, Teresa Habczyk has been making pieces of wearable art with this in mind for the past four years. Her line - TherArt Jewelry, Inc - is purposeful in its diverse collections, making it easy for every woman to capture the sentiment, spirit and emotion which lies within and express it in such a way that brings complete fulfillment.

“Although my inspiration comes from many influences, the final character of a particular piece is always dictated by woman -- her needs and beauty. I love that a woman can make a sincere statement when wearing my jewelry; I love that my jewelry can help her to feel more confident, beautiful or simply happier,“ says Teresa.

“I give my customers a wide range of designs to choose from -- from delicate and simple to big and bold statement pieces,“ she says. Teresa’s five distinct collections, within which she creates story or statement pieces for women, are: Kashmere, Statement, Glamour, Bridal, and Eternity.

The Kashmere Collection says beauty and femininity in an ‘everyday’ sort of way. The Statement Collection says strong and confident. It tends toward big and bold pieces. The Glamour Collection harkens back to old Hollywood and the elegance and sophistication of that era. The Bridal Collection is designed to capture and compliment a wide variety of gown styles using natural and synthetic precious and semi-precious stones. The Eternity Collection, while more delicate, speaks to contemporary sentiments. Teresa uses natural stones and precious metals in this collection to create simple, modern pieces.

Jewelry’s story-evoking power effects not only the woman as consumer, but has also effected the designer herself. According to Teresa, “from the beginning, the concept and process of transforming stones into jewelry has struck me as magical. Over the years that magical process has redefined me, leading me from hobbyist to artist. Designing and handcrafting jewelry fills me with a sense of accomplishment, imbues me with integrity, and has proven a most amazing vehicle for translating inner vision to outer reality.”

Teresa’s TherArt Jewelry will be available during Chicago’s fall fashion week at The Fashion Market’s Fashion Forward event.

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